Hickey Freeman

During my year at Toth I was part of the rebranding of Hickey Freeman. As part of a team we created a new identity and print style guide.

Once the brand direction was set it was my responsibility to take the new look and feel into the digital realm. The first step was to audit Hickey Freeman's existing digital properties and discover room for improvement.

What I found was missing were places for the user to connect and engage with Hickey Freeman's deep heritage while adding a level of visual sophistication that matched the company's new image. Using this as a starting point I created new pageflows and wireframes and translated them into ten key page templates.



UX Design
Visual Design


One limitation was that hickeyfreeman.com primarily functioned as a retail site which went against the ideas of exclusivity and bespoke tailoring that were building blocks of the brand. We were able to counter some of this though refining their existing shopping experience and providing templates for seasonal lookbooks in the future.