edX: White Label

Originally started by MIT, edX is the premier destination for online learning.

When edX came to me they were looking to create a streamlined version of their site that could be customized by smaller institutions. In many ways this was an ideal project for me. I came on at the start and was able to lead the UX process through to design and handoff to development.

The first step I took was to interview stakeholders and establish the project goals and priorities. Once the scope was set I began to discuss task flows and create wireframes in Axure. Once the wireframes were complete and had been vetted by the primary stakeholders, I established a visual system that embraced the idea of customization and delivered design templates to development.



UX Design
Visual Design


Above: The design was created with a careful eye on the way we presented and prioritized key information as well as making it easy as possible to customize visually.

Below: From UX through to Design, mobile was always a primary consideration. Interesting challenges included a tool to verify your identification online.